Thursday, March 4, 2010

Purple is Dead!

PurpleVRS is dead, and it's their own fault!!!

The FCC ordered Purple to pay back $18MILLION dollars because of their own FRAUD! Purple has had many telemarketers and conference calls for many years, playing around with the rules because they think they're so smart. Sad that many deaf people feel bad for Purple, but really Purple did this to themselves! Their executive team ordered their employees to have conference calls EVERY DAY for hours and hours to discuss nothing and make it pointless! Their District Managers would spend many times wasting time on conference calls talking about nothing, introducing their own names again and again to make sure everyone is there when they already know everyone is there! The only reason for this is to pump up their minutes!

Did any of you see the Vlog about Maria and her experience in Datastar?? Purple is DISGUSTING! (

First Viable was caught because they were a small company, but the investigation of Purple started in April! Viable was easier to caught, and Purple is a bigger company certified by the FCC so it took longer and now the curtain is down and Purple is busted! Their executive team knew about this since April, and did not share with their employees until recently!! Think about it...


July did not pay employees because FCC froze their funds
August, merger with SNAP that saved their asses and paid employees
November 18th: Arrested their executive team

Now Purple:

March: FCC Froze their funds, soon laid off employees
April: Will merger? Probably not, they owe 40 million dollars, who can afford except Sorenson??
July: Arrest Dan Luis, Kelby Brick, and other executive team members for forcing conference calls???

It is same timeline, nothing is different than Viable. Blame anyone you want but the Purple Executive team KNEW that what they were doing is illegal and wrong!!! What is the difference between Viable and Purple when FCC froze Viable's fund in July and Viable can't pay their workers?? NOTHING! Don't feel sorry for Purple and its rich excecutive team, they have a boat, have many big parties, and spend their money on alcohol for their staff! You should feel sorry for deaf workers who suffered by working at datastar, or deaf workers who were stupid to listen to their bosses and spend many hours on conference call everyday instead of doing REAL work! Purple has good interpreters and good technology, well so did Viable, VPAD is better than MVP anyways and still Viable was greedy just like Purple was greedy. This is a sad day for all the people who were greedy, and a sad day for all the people who will lose their jobs. But to keep Purple open and allow them to continue their dirty business, now that's an even SADDER day! The FCC is doing the right thing, and next up is ZVRS with their BS program to pay organizations for their sponsorships (like Many people have reported on Purple to DOJ, don't be blind!

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